difusor stencils meeting barcelona 2007


. we write the year two thousand and seven and our names,
. it is summer.
. barcelona rises in the difusor stencil meeting.
. the first spot: parc de les aigües.
. i am a while too late to the artists on the
. shoulder to watch. At the campsite aigües expect me big
. designed dine at the wall around the park, great.



. in the spot two try to achieve the „gothic point, we failed twice.
. this is an ugly guard which will be paid.
. we have no money and he does not happen to us.
. i wanted to whack him, but that someone else had already done.
. on the street over,
. a gift, we were allowed to a poster performance of antfei admire.



. on the third spot is not promised too much.
. a remarkable wall : un tros de 10 × 4’20m, un altre de 4 × 3m, un altre de 4 × 2 m i un altre de 3 × 1m
. ronda del guinardó

. i stay at no comment , but the fine would like outlook on the city mention.

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