. t impermanent

. bonjour gaby , das theatre impermanent bringt eine kleine urban art auf die bühne
. der demmering. es gibt kennenlernspiele, vorträge und structures.

. fragments of origination , vernetzung urbaner ideen
. 17./18. april , theatre impermanent, demmeringstr. 74, leipzig
. fb: impermanent

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  1. 1 N 17. April 2015 um 18:11 Uhr

    Fr 17.04. / 19 Uhr

    Künstler: Florian Meyer, Peter Hartmann

    Musik / Improvisationsband: Stannebeins Astrophysik

    DJ Pelacodus (Rare Grooves, Downbeat, Jazz)

    Kunst trifft Nachhaltigkeit
    Sa 18.04. / 15 Uhr – Open End

    Vernetzungsevent für alle Leipziger
    Menschen, Organisationen, Initiativen
    aus dem Bereich Nachhaltigkeit

    Prof. Dr. Detlef Riemer, HTWK:
    Forschung in Bionik-/Mechatronik

    Dipl.-Ing. Anke Plehn:
    Permakultur / Baubiologie

    Swantje Vondran, Agenda 21:
    Transition Town / Leipzig im Wandel

    Ludwig Geßner, Architekturapotheke:
    Transformation urbaner Strukturen

  2. 2 N 17. April 2015 um 18:11 Uhr


    Fragments of origination

    Development processes consist of alternating phases of construction and decomposition, whose remains are fragments.

    The predominant materialistic world view focuses on the status quo. Conscienceness about the historical origin and impermanence of the fragments fades away. Forces like separation, competition and hierarchy come to the fore.

    As a result of the materialistic world view global problems loom ahead. Growth vs. limited resources, profitability vs. quality of life, cult of the ego vs. community.

    Opposed to materialism, biological organisms are multi-layered complex systems of cooperating elements: organs, cells, molecules, atoms, etc. Each layer builds upon existing elements and solves a concrete task efficiently.
    Networking and interaction are crucial to these systems whereas separation, competition and hierarchy become subordinate.

    Numerous people, initiatives and organizations have already developed solutions for concrete urban problems. Interlinking these „fragments“ allows creating something new, kickstarting a transformation of the world view, thus contributing to creative solutions for more complex problems.

    In this exposition works of two artists integrate with composite works and interactive art. Fragments of origination hence coalesce into a complex of meaning.

    In parallel an event takes place, which aims at connecting Leipzig’s change agents in the fields of sustainability, giving impulses and promoting co-operation.

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